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Welcome to the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Foundation's application portal. Here you will be able to view and submit requests for partnerships and funding that pertain to your organization's work throughout our shared communities.


Since 2017, the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Foundation has awarded over $35 million to organizations in Washington, through the Clark County Fund and Statewide Fund. By cultivating community relationships, engaging in meaningful conversations about the future of our region, the Tribal Foundation can continue this important work to impact our shared communities to contribute to positive impacts on our future.

As a qualified applicant, you have the important opportunity to share what your organization does with the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. As a leader of your organization, you know the impact of your work better than anyone - so tell us. We want to hear details about your organization that aren't available on your website. We want to hear about your growth goals beyond your strategic plan. We want to know, authentically and honestly, which hurdles your organization faces and what you plan to do about it.

In an effort to invest in relationships that broaden the Tribe's reach, organizations that have been awarded funding from the Tribal Foundation have made an authentic effort to learn about the Cowlitz Indian Tribe; about the values, traditions, and cultural impacts of actions. These organizations have also actively sought out relationships with Tribal Members and Tribal Foundation leadership to better identify the ways we can make a collective impact on our shared communities.

Our reputation as one of the leading philanthropic organizations in the region is something we intend on maintaining and with your thoughtfulness and authenticity in this application process, we can work together to do so.

Náxʷɬqʷulʼas! Thank you!

Cowlitz Tribal Foundation

NEW FOR 2024

To make it simple, we've created a single, comprehensive form that will allow your application process to be as user-friendly as possible. Instead of two separate forms for our Statewide Fund and Clark County Fund, we've merged the form and based on some eligibility questions at the beginning, your organization will be filed into one of the available options.


Before you begin, please note you must meet or discuss your organization with a Cowlitz Tribal Foundation team member prior to applying for funding. To schedule a meeting with the Cowlitz Tribal Foundation team, please email TribalFoundation@Cowlitz.org.

2024 Grant Cycle: Applications open on October 1, 2023 and will close on September 30, 2024.

First round of application reviews are in progress. Second round of application reviews will begin in July 2024, for applications submitted after March 29, 2024.

Here are some tips as you complete your application:

  • Relationships are important to us. First-time applicants must speak with or meet with a Cowlitz Tribal Foundation team member before submitting an application. To schedule a meeting, please email TribalFoundation@Cowlitz.org and share a little about your organization.
  • Community is the priority. The Cowlitz Tribal Foundation awards organizations actively involved in their communities. With this, we look at what partnerships you've already cultivated and how much investment you have in the project you are requesting funds for. As your partner, we want to work alongside other funders to raise our communities up.
  • Remember that your application will auto-save (phew!), so take your time as you need it. You can also invite collaborators to join you in completing the application.
  • If you're having trouble using Submittable, please each out to Submittable Technical Support.

Please note, the Cowlitz Tribal Foundation does NOT fund:

- Organizations whose projects support religious missions, curriculum, or practices.

- Program or Even Sponsorships, Boosters Clubs, or Pageants.

- K-12 classroom programs, directly. Please seek out support from your local school district Foundation.